“Sumptuous sound overall, with superb playability in the upper register.”

Peter Barber
Assistant Sub-Principal Viola
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

Peter Barber performed on my indented shoulder viola H3 in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra over a number of years.


“I was thinking of looking around for a good viola when I heard a selection of Anthony’s violas being played at an orchestral rehearsal early in 2013. I was captivated by the sound and arranged to try a couple out for myself. I purchased a viola made in 1998. I’ve particularly enjoyed the sound and evenness of tone with this instrument, and always play it when I’ve got my violist hat on. I’m very happy with this viola.”

Emily Allen
Freelance violinist and violist


“Two of my violin students have purchased violins by Anthony Elmsly and have been playing them with great success for several years. Over this period of time I have heard them growing in tone and tonal palette – of course never knowing if it’s the player or the instrument developing; in the end, they are most excellent instruments. Only recently I have now come across one of his violas, and was most impressed. Therefore, I wholeheartedly endorse this maker: His instruments are solidly made and have potential for a serious player.”

Egidius Streiff
Violinist and artistic director, Switzerland


“I have owned two cellos by Anthony Elmsly, and used both professionally for several years, for orchestral, solo and chamber music.  I find his instruments are comfortable to play, have a warm, strong and even tone, and project well and clearly in all kinds of venues. I would recommend them to both professionals and students.”

Katherine Sharman
Cellist, United Kingdom.


“I have owned a cello by Anthony Elmsly since 1997. For much of that time I have played the instrument in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, where I’m a tutti cellist. I have also used the cello for some solo performances.
The NZSO tours frequently, and the instrument has proved itself to be robust and hardy.
I asked Anthony to make the cello to similar specifications to an instrument I already owned. He matched them well, enabling me to switch between instruments with relative ease.
The cello is enjoyable to play, reliable and has good, even tone across all registers, with good projection. It has served me very well, and I am happy to recommend Anthony’s instruments to others.”

Robert Ibell
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra