Goffriller model viola 2015


 IMG_0170 IMG_0168 IMG_0172  IMG_0176  IMG_0183IMG_0182This viola model I based on photographs of and data for a 1710 Matteo Goffriller viola in the Dextra Musica collection. A key feature of the original instrument is extremely high arching, which I copied. The style of the arching I developed informed by patterns from Goffriller cellos and violins, and a Goffriller viola I once saw close up but did not get the opportunity to examine. As can be seen the colour representation in my photographs is inconsistent; the darker, richer images are nearest to the actual colour of my instrument. As usual I took risks with finishing the instrument, retaining surface texture, and minimising varnish on top of a mineral ground. The sound of this viola in its initial setup iteration is even across the strings, fast responding and punchy. With a smallish body length of 406.7mm and being a fairly slim model this instrument is very easy to get around. The typical Goffriller style scroll – quite delicate but with a flaring pegbox – is at the same time light and practical.